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National Museum MOU Signing………………..3

Plastic Waste Management……………………..5
PBC Oil Awards……………………………………6
Lebollo la Basotho………………………………..7
Environment Workshop………………………..8
Hon. Min Visits Bokong Nature Reserve…..9
Plastic Free Wednesdays……………………….10
Observing Plastic Free Wednesdays………..11
Plastic Waste Management Workshop…….12
Intangible Cultural Heritage………………….13
Plastic Levy Tool………………………………….14
Cleanest Town Competition…………………..15
Gambling Machines at Avani Maseru………16
Environmental Laws…………………………….17
Tourism Month……………………………………18 .



2020/2021 what a rough financial year due to Covid
– 19 which has altered life as we know it! Not only
lives have been lost but livelihoods have also been
adversely affected and like all other industries, the
Ministry’s sectors have all been hit hard by the
endemic pandemic. However, through it all the Ministry
has been working tirelessly in the past two
years to assist its role-players and stakeholders
where possible through various initiatives such as
the music festival that was held for the benefit of
local arts and crafts artists at the Lesotho National
Convention Centre in partnership with Alliance
Insurance and the Maluti Mountain Brewery.
Others include various support strategies that
create an enabling environment through which
role-players were able to undertake some economic
activities in order to get the little that they could in
order to sustain their livelihoods. .
Looking on the brighter side, this publication comes
to you in the month of September, which is the
beginning of the spring season therefore marking a
new beginning. Not only does it mark a new beginning
but coincides with the recent launch of the
Basotho year as well as Tourism Month.

Lesotho is a member of the World Tourism
Organization which has declared the 27th September
as World Tourism Day with “Tourism for
Inclusive Growth” as this year’s theme which was
officiated at a Press Conference by the Minister
of Tourism, Environment and Culture Honorable
Ntlhoi Motsamai at the State Library who encouraged
the Basotho business community especially
those in the tourism, environment and culture
sectors to continue working during these difficult
times while observing all Covid – 19 protocols.

She also commended with ordinary citizens to
continue visiting Lesotho attractions which will in
turn contribute to domestic tourism, as it was
revealed by the Lesotho Tourism Development
Corporation (LTDC) at the Press Conference that
indeed domestic tourism numbers have
increased in the past two years.

 She concluded
by pleading for cleanliness and reliable service
delivery which will make Lesotho desirable for
tourists once the country is given the green light
to start receiving them.

The Department of Environment has also made
several strides during this period through various
stakeholder workshops with the Department of
Culture also getting closer and closer to officially
opening the Museum which is expected not only
to display Basotho culture but become a hub for
various commercial and Basotho identity preservation
activities while the State Library one of the
Ministry’s department continues to promote literacy
through the usage of its facilities.


MINISTRY SIGNS MOU FOR NATIONAL MUSEUM of Lesotho National Museum 14/04/21

The Ministry of Tourism Environment
And Culture signed a Memorandum Of
Understanding with Lerotholi Polytechnic
and Dijon Design on the 14 April
2021 at Lerotholi Polytechnic conference
hall 10:30am.

Today marked a profound remarkable
day of Lesotho National Museum and
Art Gallery (LNM) whereby the Ministry
Of Tourism Environment And Culture
signed a memorandum of understanding
with Dijon Design.

MTEC Principal Secretary - Ms Moliehi Moejane

In the opening of the event Mr Sepiriti Tlali: the Director at Lerotholi Polytechnic raised awareness on the projects that the students and graduates developed which brought improvements in the country. To outline a few, he mentioned the building of Post Office which was built by the students as well as the old Masianokeng Bridge which is still in use up to date.

In addition, the Director Of The Ministry Of Education
And Training (MOET) Mr Ratsíu Majara who also attended the meeting remarked the LDTC –Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre- which was built in 1972 and of latest the renovations on the roofing were done by Lerotholi  Polytechnic students.

The government of Lesotho is currently developing a three story Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery that will house the social, natural and art extension spaces as well as performing art theatre sessions. It will be the country’s leading facilities responsible for researching, generating, collecting, managing, conserving and communicating heritage of Lesotho.

“Not only will the museum showcase the artistic,
cultural and natural history of Lesotho via a lightly
exorvision programme but will also be a place of
gathering where people will gather together to
actively explore. The role that the past has to play in
Lesotho’s present via duration of events that stimulate
contemporary dialogue, research, documentation
and creative response to the material held in
the museum collection,” said Ms Moliehi Moejane,
PS at Ministry Of Tourism.

 The signing ceremony marked the commencements of the era that will see partnership in the production of infrastructure items for LNM & Art Gallery to ensure that procurement of all equipment available in Lesotho is done locally.




on Intellectual Property

A two-day seminar was launched on the 1st to the 2nd
June by LESCOSAA working cooperatively with the Ministry
of Tourism, Environment & Culture and the seminar
was held at Lesotho National Convention Centre;
The main aim of this seminar was to enlighten the Basotho
artists and authors on the copyright issue and other
related rights concerning their work. In his opening
remarks, Hon. Adv. Lekhetho Rakuoane: Minister of
Tourism, Environment & Culture modestly acknowledged
their presence.

He marked that day’s agenda as one of the critical
matters; copyright. Thus, he made known to the
people present at the seminar that the constitutional
rights of Lesotho 1993 recognise the right of authors and artists to reap the benefits of authorship and cultural creations.
This is provided under section 35(2), that Lesotho
shall adopt policies that protect the interest of any citizen in any scientific or artistic production of which he is the author. The Lesotho Copyright Society of Authors & Artists (LESCOSAA) aims to ensure that the rights granted by the law to the creators of both original literacy works and artistic work are protected. These works are protected regardless of the purposes or intention they were created for by their rightful owners They are further protected by virtue of their mere existence if they are fixed; outlined Ms. Makhkhumala Kama, CEO of LESCOSAA. Ms. Kama further stated that Copyright gives the owner full control of his work and avoid being exploited. That is, he has the power to grant or prohibit others from using his work. In concluding, Mr Tebello Thoola: Head of Strategic Marketing explained that rights granted by the Copyright include the moral rights, economic rights, related rights referred to as Neighbouring rights under Part IV of the Order and works covered under related rights..


On the 4th June, 2021 The MinistryTourism, Environment and ry of
under the Department of Environment in collaboration with UNDP orgarnised plastic waste management fun
from Makoanyane Square to walk Ground to mark the launch of the 
Plastic Waste Management Campaign fun walk was sponsored by the Theand the purpose of the campaign UNDPreuse, repurpose and recycle gn is toThe campaign commenced in February 2021 and will last up to December 2021. NOTE COrrecyudjhfgfkv

Present at the launch was the former Minister of Tourism, Honourable Lekhetho Rakuoane and the former Minister of Local government Honourable Samuel Rapapa. In his speech, Honourable Rakuoane outlined a few points which include the cleanest town competition under the “Operation Hloekisa Lesotho” campaign, the Waste Management Bill as well as the Waste Management Regulations. Honourable Rapapa on the other hand emphasized some hazards that afect animals and people due plastic waste especially in oceans and water resources at large.
Maseru is the first district to commence with the campaign with other districts such as Mafeteng, Berea, Leribe and Butha Buthe. The launch was concluded with a Gala dinner at Avani Lesotho with speeches by Mrs. Nthabeleng Ntsasa from Maseru City Council, Mrs. Betty Wabunoha UNDP, Mrs. Nonkululeko Zali Local government, Mrs. Nessie Galakai UNDP and Mrs Moleboheng Petlane from the Department of Environment. In closing, the sponsors of Operation Hloekisa Lesotho were given certifcates of Appreciation.


The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture through the Department of Environment in collaboration with Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) hosted a student competition on the Ultimate Radio about PCB oil (Polychlorinated biphenyls.) which are described as a group of manmade chemicals that have been used in electrical equipment such transformers which have proved to be hazardous to both human health and the environment. The winners were invited to an award giving ceremony at the Lesotho National Convention Centre on the 10th June 2021 and there was a total of seven students from Maseru and two from Butha Buthe who were each awarded
tablets that would assist them in their schoolwork. Present
at the ceremony was Honourable Ntlhoi Motsamai who is the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture, the Principal secretary of the Ministry Ms Moliehi Moejane was well as Senoir Officers from the the Ministry to mention a few.  DONE HERE

A few congratulatory speeches and remarks were made to the students by Mrs Matseliso Moremoholo on behalf of LEC’s Managing Director, Ministry of Education’s Principal Secretary Mr Lira Khama and Dr. Kuebu Khalema who represented the Africa Institute.
“05th June is celebrated throughout the world as World Envieronment Day, it was first observed in 1979 under the theme “One Earth” and this year’s theme is“Ecosystem restoration”, said Ms Ntemohi Maji who is the Mininstry’s Outreach Officer.


LEBOLLO LA BASOTHO AT THABA BOSIU Historians share their knowledge 01/JULY/2021

We have three historians who give us very important and intriguing information on Lebollo la Basotho (initiation school) at Thaba Bosiu. They describe Lebollo as the country’s biggest secret that belongs to the head of state since it contains the deep secrets of the founder of the Basotho nation, Morena Moshoeshoe. They are Mr. Lillo Litha, Mr. Poeea Letsielo, and Mr. Mosalla
Makolometsa. The information they share is as follows; the initiation school was created by Morena Moshoeshoe and Lesotho was the first country to introduce it. The main reason for Moshoeshoe to introduce this idea was to protect his nation by forming troops that would fight and protect the nation whenever rebels and warriors from different parts  of the world came in the country to attack.

Mohlomi was his advisor and his traditional healer and they state that Lebollo has always worked closely with traditional healing because that’s the case even now.
The traditional healers are needed to protect the boys attending the initiation school with their traditional herbs. Boys from different clans attend this school from eighteen years of age and this is done to help them develop their maturity so they can become Men
of tomorrow.

They believe that if every Mosotho man attended this traditional school, Lesotho would have become a better country. Hence, they ask every Mosotho to protect this tradition. Important Sesotho words used are Mokhahla, Moqhaka, and Sekhama.


ENVIRONMENT WORKSHOP FOR TEXTILE FIRMS On combating waste challenges 07/07/2021

On the 7th July, the ministry of Tourism under  the department of Environment held an event for textile firms.The reason for the event was to outline the aspects of the project titled; promoting economy in the textile and garment sector through the sustainable management of chemicals and waste. The project was financed byUnited Nations Industrial development organization (UNIDO)..

The aim of the project is reuse, recycling and conversion of textile and related waste into economically viable and socially beneficial products and services. The Minister
aforementioned that waste has become a global problem hence it requires governments to strengthen their waste management strategies. She also added that they are working with private sector to combat waste management challenges.

She further added that with the support of UNIDO, they were implementing a project titled; promotion of best available technologies and best environmental
practices to reduce unintentionally produced
persistent organic pollutants released from waste open burning in participating African countries of SADC south region.


BOKONG NATURE RESERVE Official Visit by Hon. Minister 15/07/2021

On the 15th July, the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture led by Honourable Ntlhoi Motsamai took a tour to Bokong Nature Reserve as the Minister was introduced to the Community Conservation Forum (CCF). There are over 17 members in the Forum.

The Minister and a team from the Ministry were welcomed by Mr. Qhobela Molapo on behalf of the principal chief of Bokong and said they acknowledged her presence and every information that will be shared. Mrs. Maneo Ntele, a Deputy Principal Secretary of the Ministry gave a brief information on the aim of the day and also introduced the newly appointed Minister and also mentioned that their last visit was in 2018.

The Manager of Northern Parks Mr. Ntsu Mokhehle mentioned how excited they were at the Minister’s visit even though the country was still faced with Covid 19. He alsomentioned how the Tourism industry had been affected by Covid 19 since they no longer received international tourists who contributed a lot to the country’s economy.

The main aim of the park is to conserve nature; the environment and the wildlife for future generations. Ten percent of the money generated by the park goes to CCF members to help them in their projects and one project that was recent during the Minister’s visit was poultry farming. The Minister outlined the responsibilities of CCF, the Ministry and the public at Bokong which was to conserve the park and the Environment as a whole and each must always adhere to these responsibilities. The Minister also took a walk around the park at the end to see how the CCF had been taking care of it.


PLASTIC FREE WEDNESDAYS As an Attempt to Eliminate Plastic 19/06/2021

On the 19th June the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture through its information team visited the General Manager of Shoprite to gather his opinions about plastic free Wednesdays. Mr. Pitso Melao gave an overview of how the plastic free Wednesdays have worked perfectly for the customers even though some were not aware, but some were since they heard about it on television and on social media

He said Shoprite was very much interested in working
with the ministry and UNDP on this project and wished
they had started this project earlier. He said every Wednesday will be free plastic day in all Shoprite stores across the 10 districts. He also added that they have about 18 stores in the country and said if they  customers plastic, they would be playing an important role in saving the environment from all sorts of harm caused by plastic.

On behalf of the Ministry Ms. Moleboheng Petlane said they were thankful to the public for agreeing to the #plasticfreewednesdays and also thanked the stores that agreed to work with them cooperatively in making this project a success. Few mentioned stores were Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Pep etc.


OBSERVING PLASTIC FREE WEDNESDAYS #Plastic free Wednesdays 12/07/2021

On the 12th June, the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture, Honorable Ntlhoi Motsamai held a Press Conference at State Library to convey a message on Plastic free days.

First and foremost, she urged the public in general to work together to curb any waste caused by plastic by acknowledging and regarding free Wednesdays which commenced weekly from 14 July 2021. She further said, the stores were expected not to give customers plastics on Wednesdays and since most stores had agreed on that issue, she therefore urged the public to work together with the business owners.

She further stated that plastic waste was a global problem more especially in developing countries, and therefore
she said lack of funding and resources worsened the situation. She said the solution would only be reached if people could change their perspective on plastic and use it to make a living. As she continued with her speech, the Minister said, in an effort to improve a good working relationship with the stakeholders on plastic use and management, the ministry worked collaboratively with UNDP to make the public aware on reducing use of plastic.

In closing, she said the plastic waste management project would be a success if all stakeholders such as business owners, the Ministry and UNDP could work collectively. Lastly she said; “together we can curb
any plastic related waste”

On the 12th June, the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture, Honorable Ntlhoi Motsamai held a Press Conferenceat State Library to convey a message on Plastic free days.


PLASTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP Introduction to the Police and Mahokela 09/08/2021

On the 9th August, UNDP and the Ministry of Tourism under the department of Environment hosted an event where they introduced plastic waste management project to the police O/C and the community policing forum (Mahokela). The reason for this event was to raise awareness on plastic waste management and to outline laws concerning the Environment as well as the wildlife.
They were invited to be presented to the laws on how to conserve the Environment and their involvement during this project.

The laws introduced were to stop wild animals slaughter and stop owning them illegally. To stop harvesting wild plants; many people do that for medicinal purposes. The duties given were; the community policing forum have to do public gatherings and notify the people about the good use of plastic and how to conserve the environment. The police have to apprehend any offender in regard to any crime mentioned.

Speaking on behalf of the police were Sub Inspector Maphomolo Mosaase and Senior Superintendent Rantoane Motsoetla who were excited to be part of the project and were ready to work with the Ministry and UNDP. Mr Habofanoe Letsie spoke on behalf of the community policing forum. The attendees were given a platform to ask questions, give suggestions and commend the department of Environment and UNDP on the great work they have
been doing. 


LAUNCH OF INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage 27/06/2021

On the 27th June, The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture under the department of Culture held an event to launch Intangible Cultural Heritage committee. The Principal Secretary Mrs. Moliehi Moejane said it was a great honour the workshop on enhancement of
the operational capacity of the Lesotho National intangible cultural heritage committee supported by UNESCO’s regional once of Southern Africa. She further said, Lesotho has been one of UNESCO recipients of sponsored projects which all have been a success with a number of trainings strengthening national capacities in implementing the 2003 convention for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.

Mrs. Mabafokeng Seala, Department of Culture-UNESCO said culture is one of UNESCO’s competences and under culture their work mostly is directed or guided by UESCO culture Commissions that Lesotho have ratified. To sum up on the issue, Dr. Lovemore Mazibuko, UNESCO’s Representative from Malawi said Lesotho ratified the convention and since then, a number of programs, projects and activities have been implemented by the government.


PLASTIC LEVY TOOL Introduction to Plastic regulations 05/05/2021

On the 5th May, the Ministry under the department of Environment held an event at State Library to discuss regulations related to the use of Plastic. Mr Damane, a Director of Environment opened the event by
welcoming everybody and thanked their partners UNDP. Mrs Moliehi Ntene a DPS of the Ministry spoke on behalf of the PS and passed her sincere gratitude to the UNDP for financial support and collaboration. UNDP
representative Mrs Nessie Golakai spoke about the aim of the project and said plastic waste management was an underlined team across a number of the seventeen sustainable development goals of the agenda 2030 for
achieving wellbeing health which is SDG3 and for also ensuring clean drinking water and good sanitation which is SDG16.

Mrs Neo Matsoso spoke about the accelerator lab which she said it’s a programme within UNDP and said it’s a
global project which is currently in 92 countries. She said the aim of the lab was to assist countries in attaining
the sustainable development goals that have been set.
Plastic levy regulations had been set to control pollution that is caused by plastic and Mr Ts’asanyane summed
up by saying the Ministry and UNDP were proposing a plastic free and asked the attendees to choose a day that
would be suitable for that exercise.


CLEANEST TOWN COMPETITION Cleanest Towns will be Rewarded 25/08/2021

On the 25 September 2021 at Avani, the Cleanest Town Competition workshop was held as part of the Waste Plastic Management Project. Mrs. Neo Matsoso from UNDP said the cleanliness of the country attracts tourists and said waste disposal is a serious problem in
Lesotho as there are many illegal dumping sites.

She also said the project sites when the project started were only two districts that were Maseru and Maputsoe but they expanded to the score of five districts. The main aim of the competition is to change people’s behaviour in the use of plastic; they should use it very wisely and they need to understand that waste is actually money even though in Lesotho, waste recycling is still at a small scale.

Mr Tsasanyane from the Department of Environment talked a lot about the competition that the department of Environment and UNDP have planned to host in the ten districts as a way to combat plastic pollution that has bothered a country for a long time. He said there will be representatives chosen per district that will assess the competition and at the end the cleanest town will win seventy-five thousand, the second town will get fifty thousand while the third and the last town will get twenty thousand.


GAMBLING MACHINES AT AVANI Crushed and recycled 01/09/2021

On the 01st of September, 2021 the Department of Environment met with Mr. Shaun Nicolson who is the Gaming Man ager at Avani Maseru to find out about the status and disposal of the hotel’s gaming machines. Mr Nicolson mentioned that they have a lot of Gaming machines which have become redundant because due to the end of their lifecycles which has rendered them not serviceable anymore because their replacement parts are no longer in production.

He went further to explain the machine disposal policy and procedure which requires them to contact the Gaming Board of Lesotho to request a permission to dispose of the machines, of which the Gaming Board will then visit the hotel to verify that all the machines do have authentic serial numbers so as to ensure the legitimacy before being granted permission to dispose of the machines.

He concluded by mentioning that when the
machines get disposed, the hotel’s Technicians normally strip them down and classify the components according to their various configurations such as glass, plastic and steel. The glass gets crushed and the steel gets compressed then sent off for recycling by local recycling factories. ” plastic is a little bit different but we try by all means to make sure that all plastic is also sent for recycling” he added.

Mr. Ramone from the Department of Environment thanked Avani Lesotho on behalf of the Ministry as well as the Lesotho Casino Board Secretariat, for Abiding by the Regulations of the Casino Order of 1989 and Casino Regulations of 1990. He also thanked Avani for immensely contribution to be
preservation of the Environment as well complying with the Gambling reporting requirements.


ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS Implemented and Put in Place 10/09/2021

The Department of Environment held a workshop at Avani Lesotho to discuss Environment issues as well as the Status of the Environment in Lesotho. The Director of Environment Mr Stanley Damane, said the importance of a healthy Environment can never be over emphasized and that Environmental laws are put in place to reduce environmental problems which emanate from human activities in the quest for Economic growth and development.

In her speech, Mrs Nessie Golakai from UNDP thanked all those who attended the workshop and mentioned that environmental policing is important because it assists the Government of Lesotho to strengthen and implement the Environment Law as outlined in the Environmental Act of 2008 which states among others that it is a criminal offense to pollute the Environment through littering and waste disposal inclusive of any manner whatsoever. Mrs Neo Matsoso also from the UNDP gave a brief overview of the Plastic Waste Management Project with a strong emphasis on plastic itself and its detriment on the environment caused by its poor and unmanaged disposal which is a global concern as it does not only affect Lesotho but the world as a whole.