of Lesotho National Museum 14/04/21

The Ministry of Tourism Environment
And Culture signed a Memorandum Of
Understanding with Lerotholi Polytechnic
and Dijon Design on the 14 April
2021 at Lerotholi Polytechnic conference
hall 10:30am.

Today marked a profound remarkable
day of Lesotho National Museum and
Art Gallery (LNM) whereby the Ministry
Of Tourism Environment And Culture
signed a memorandum of understanding
with Dijon Design.

MTEC Principal Secretary - Ms Moliehi Moejane

In the opening of the event Mr Sepiriti Tlali: the Director at Lerotholi Polytechnic raised awareness on the projects that the students and graduates developed which brought improvements in the country. To outline a few, he mentioned the building of Post Office which was built by the students as well as the old Masianokeng Bridge which is still in use up to date.

In addition, the Director Of The Ministry Of Education
And Training (MOET) Mr Ratsíu Majara who also attended the meeting remarked the LDTC –Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre- which was built in 1972 and of latest the renovations on the roofing were done by Lerotholi  Polytechnic students.

The government of Lesotho is currently developing a three story Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery that will house the social, natural and art extension spaces as well as performing art theatre sessions. It will be the country’s leading facilities responsible for researching, generating, collecting, managing, conserving and communicating heritage of Lesotho.

“Not only will the museum showcase the artistic,
cultural and natural history of Lesotho via a lightly
exorvision programme but will also be a place of
gathering where people will gather together to
actively explore. The role that the past has to play in
Lesotho’s present via duration of events that stimulate
contemporary dialogue, research, documentation
and creative response to the material held in
the museum collection,” said Ms Moliehi Moejane,
PS at Ministry Of Tourism.

 The signing ceremony marked the commencements of the era that will see partnership in the production of infrastructure items for LNM & Art Gallery to ensure that procurement of all equipment available in Lesotho is done locally.

on Intellectual Property

A two-day seminar was launched on the 1st to the 2nd
June by LESCOSAA working cooperatively with the Ministry
of Tourism, Environment & Culture and the seminar
was held at Lesotho National Convention Centre;
The main aim of this seminar was to enlighten the Basotho
artists and authors on the copyright issue and other
related rights concerning their work. In his opening
remarks, Hon. Adv. Lekhetho Rakuoane: Minister of
Tourism, Environment & Culture modestly acknowledged
their presence.

He marked that day’s agenda as one of the critical
matters; copyright. Thus, he made known to the
people present at the seminar that the constitutional
rights of Lesotho 1993 recognise the right of authors and artists to reap the benefits of authorship and cultural creations.
This is provided under section 35(2), that Lesotho
shall adopt policies that protect the interest of any citizen in any scientific or artistic production of which he is the author. The Lesotho Copyright Society of Authors & Artists (LESCOSAA) aims to ensure that the rights granted by the law to the creators of both original literacy works and artistic work are protected. These works are protected regardless of the purposes or intention they were created for by their rightful owners They are further protected by virtue of their mere existence if they are fixed; outlined Ms. Makhkhumala Kama, CEO of LESCOSAA. Ms. Kama further stated that Copyright gives the owner full control of his work and avoid being exploited. That is, he has the power to grant or prohibit others from using his work. In concluding, Mr Tebello Thoola: Head of Strategic Marketing explained that rights granted by the Copyright include the moral rights, economic rights, related rights referred to as Neighbouring rights under Part IV of the Order and works covered under related rights..