King Moorosi Commemoration

The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture through the Department of Culture attended the Annual King Moorosi Commemoration Celebrations on the 18th November, 2017. The event is held annually to pay tribute to their king, King Moorosi who was one of the strongest allies of King Moshoeshoe1. He fought very hard in conjunction with King Moshoeshoe1 to protect the southern part of Lesotho from being captured by white British and Boers settlers. The event was organized by lbandla le Baphuthi, an association composed of Baphuthi natives residing in Lesotho that was legally registered to represent the interests of all Baphuthi people. The event was preceded by “the Baphuthi Lamentations Walk” which is a hike that stretches from Eastern Cape at Tudumaneni Fortress to Mount Moorosi as a way of honoring the King by walking in his footsteps with the intention of calling attention to whoever gets in contact during the procession. The lamentations walk is intended to demonstrate the Baphuthi’s loud cry for recognition mentioning the fact that their King made a very significant contribution in the building of the Basotho nation, they yearn for their language to be formally taught at school especially amongst the Bapuhti students, their food to also be widely accepted as part of Lesotho’s culture, their clothes and their general way of life.

Amongst the dignitaries present, was Honorable members of his Majesty’s Government and these were Honorable ‘Mamotsie Motsie Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture, Honorable Habofanoe Lehana Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship, Honorable Kabelo Mafora Miniser of Gender, Sports Youth and Recreation as well as former Minister Mohlabi Tsekoa who held various senior government positions in previous governments. Speaking on behalf of all Baphuthi, the chairman of the lbandla le Baphuthi Mr Letzadzo Kometsi mentioned that they are very encouraged because it looks like their lamentations have not fell on deaf ears and that the presence of his Majesty’s cabinet members shows the government’s commitment to finally address their issues. Former Minister Tsekoa was also honored as a son of the Baphuthi for the role that he has played in the long service that he served to the Basotho people in previous governments. Honorable Lehana confirmed that indeed he has received a directive from the Honorable the Prime Minister Dr Tomas Motsoahae Thabane which had the baphuthi requests attached to it and that he has already taken it up and soon the Baphuthi lamentations will be addressed through proper and formal channels. Honorable Motsie mentioned that Mount Moorosi should be taken care of because it is not only home to King Moorosi’s grave but a fortress of the Baphuthi people. She concluded by acknowledging the role played by king Moorosi in the formation of the Basotho people and that it only makes sense for the government to address the issues raised by lBandla le Baphuthi on behalf of the Baphuthi people.

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