Culture Week Launch


The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture through the Department of Culture as well its stakeholders including cultural associations, held the third Arts, Innovation and Culture from the 2nd to the 7th of October, 2017. The event was launched at Alliance’ Francaise and was attended by various dignitaries as well as some Honourable Ministers and was preceded by press conference in which the Principal Secretary Mrs. Motena Ts’olo mentioned that event is intended to provide a platform for Basotho artists in various categories to showcase their products and creative abilities. Different creations from fashion, music, food and many more unveiled to the public.

From there, a wide variety of interactions took place all week with activities such as fashion shows, woman symposium, choral music competition, youth forum, exhibitions and music conference. These activities and interactions enabled performers and artists to share skills, increase their exposure through exhibitions, fashion shows and the film festival. They also contributed to the nurturing of the Basotho culture and norms as well synchronizing with other nations living in the country. Citizens were urged to use and wear products made in the country during the Arts, Innovation and Culture Week and beyond. The event was concluded with a carnival going through Kingsway Street from the Lesotho National Convention Centre all the way to Maseru Club various performers entertained the crowd with crafts on display for sale. When addressing the attendants, the Honourable Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture ‘M’e ‘Mamotsie Motsie said culture unites nations and that the world has recognised that arts, innovation and culture does reduce poverty. The Ministry decided to celebrate culture as it teaches, showcases talent, values and norms of Basotho and diverse nationalities found in Lesotho in order to promote tourism in the country.