LTDC Prepares for World Tourism Day


On the 27th July 2017, the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) held a cleaning campaign at Mazenod with the help of students studying Travel and Tourism at Winston College as well as International Business College. The campaign started from the Moshoeshoe International Airport junction to the airport gate. The aim of this cleaning campaign was to create a clean environment in that area because it is the first point for tourists entering the country through the airport.

While addressing the students, community members together with some of the LTDC staff, the LTDC CEO Mr Mpaiphele Maqutu said the airport area is a reflection of the whole country to tourists. Since it is corporation’s mandate to market the country, it is not ideal or appealing to advertise a country that has a filthy environment so its duty is to ensure that the country is dirt free in order to be appealing to tourists. He clarified that the Public Order requires citizens to keep the environment clean at all times and it is totally against the law of citizens to intentionally pollute the environment. He concluded that the Travel and Tourism students should be ambassadors for cleanliness not only in their areas of residence but wherever they are.

The  students themselves acknowledged the importance of keeping the environment clean and mentioned that it is not only tourists that are affected by polluted environment but  also the citizens and animals in the country from the air we breathe to trash that is being thrown all over. They further alluded that a clean environment is a reflection of a country and its citizens at large so it is wise to keep it clean at all times. “KEEP LESOTHO CLEAN, VISIT YOUR COUNTRY FIRST”.