LTDC Unveils a New Logo



Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation Unveils New Brand


The Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) held a press conference whose intention was to inform the media/ citizens of Lesotho about the new LTDC brand as well as to request media houses to assist in creating awareness about the brand. The destination brand was build and designed as a way of differentiating Lesotho from other countries and as a logo that will help represent the tourism and Lesotho in relation to what Lesotho offers to tourists.

Mr Tebello Thoola, a Director at LTDC told the media that it had taken too long for Lesotho tourism destination to have a sign or a logo that differentiates Lesotho from other countries.

This is thought to be an easier way of attracting tourists to come over to Lesotho like any other countries around Africa as they somehow offer similar tourist attraction destinations, culture and crafts. The brand is a result of a project called Positioning Strategy whose positioning statement is “unexpected high” and was fulfilled by brand development experts as a way of making Lesotho differ and stand out from other countries. Lesotho is so unique because its geographical positioning makes it different from the rest of the world and the region due to the fact that it is the only country in the world that has the highest lowest altitude at 1500 metres above sea level its lowest point and 3482 metre above sea level as its highest point. The brand is a reflect of how Lesotho presents to the world and expected to paint a picture of how the world perceives the Mountain Kingdom. This identity is relevant to all the tourism destinations in the country,