Culture Pitso at Thaba Bosiu


In Pursuit of Cultural Preservation


The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture through the Department of Culture is worried about the vandalizing of valuable heritage assets on top of the Thaba Bosiu Mountain, this is why the Department together with the Chief of Thaba Bosiu held a public gathering in order to create awareness and to reaffirm the importance of taking care of the fortress to the Thaba Bosiu to the villagers.

Concerns range from illegal livestock grazing, to destruction royal ruins. Some of the valuable objects and/or crafts found in this area are useful in tourism related purposes as they hold a lot of the country’s history and culture. In the year 1824, Moshoshoe 1 moved from his home village to find a better place to Thaba Bosiu because of the wars that he was involved in so that it can protect them from their enemies. When the Basotho got attached by the Boers, this mountain became their shield because their enemies could climb it and believed it got bigger at night. This is why this mountain is considered as one of the valuable history places. Because of this history, this place is considered valuable and should be well taken care of by the society instead of destroying it.