Environment Workshop

ewaste @ Vic


To Minimize Exposure to Chemicals Contained therein Upon Disposal


The Pollution Control Section in the Department of Environment together the Africa Institute are planning to implement a project called E-Waste whose aim is to minimize the exposure of chemicals. The project is about the recycling of electrical objects that are no longer in use, creating awareness to citizens about the effect of such objects and the chemicals found in them. The department is concerned about the dangers faced by living organisms because these chemicals are not friendly to the environment and life on planet earth, this is why their disposal must be carefully controlled.

It emerged in the workshop that proper disposal of appliances should done by dismantling, division and recycling. By so doing, opportunities for job creation arise which lead to contribution to the  country’s economy. As much as these appliances make life easy, they negatively affect livelihoods once they have their lifespan if badly disposed because the chemicals can leak into the environment through various channels such as air, water and soil thus polluting and harming live on planet earth